Teaching Localisation for global business readiness

* The relationship between teaching localisation and examining why technology, best practice and open-standards are becoming increasingly more important to education and industry
* The selection, design and distribution of training materials (translation memories, term databases, glossaries, websites, localisation kits, etc.)
* Teaching marketing aspects of localisation in the context of today's globalisation industry
* The mutual benefits resulting from the cooperation between academic and commercial institutions
* Constraints in the design of localisation courses, materials and curricula: target audience, time restrictions, trainer's experience, etc.
* Teaching intralingual localisation by addressing the linguistic and cultural divergences within areas speaking the same language
* Understanding globalisation standards, metrics and how to use them
* Accreditation of specialists and course providers

Wat?Teaching Localisation for global business readiness
LISA-Lessius Forum
Waar?Antwerpen, België
Wanneer?10/12/2007 tot 12/12/2007
Meer informatie?A LISA-Lessius College Collaboration
Lessius Hogeschool Antwerp, Belgium