Annual LISA Forum Europe

* Evaluating Global Success: Benchmarking the ROI of Globalization Efforts
* Using LISA Standards to Reduce Globalization Cost and Improve Quality
* Internal Globalization: Building Global Teams to Deliver Global Content
* Understanding EU Standards for Local Content
* Technical Best Practices to Deliver Content On-Time and within Budget
* Successfully Integrating Multicultural Teams
* China and Europe: What Does the Expanding Chinese Economy Mean for Europe?
* Learning from India and China: New Strategies for Outsourcing
* The Convergence of Content Creation and Globalization
* Massive Localization: Managing Terabytes of Localization
* From Local Business to Global Enterprise: Transforming Your Organizational Outlook
* Access vs. Control: Centralizing Globalization Assets
* Streamlining Globalization Outsourcing through Effective Terminology Management
* Globalization's Impact on the Video Gaming Industry
* Managing International IP and Patents
* Business Process Integration for Multi Subsidiary Organizations

Wat?Annual LISA Forum Europe
Building Global Teams Locally
Waar?Berlijn, Duitsland
Wanneer?22/10/2007 tot 26/10/2007
Meer informatie?LISA