TAUS Executive Forum

The European Executive Forum this year is scheduled in Brussels for November 29 and 30.

Focus of this meeting will be sharing of language data and managed authoring. TAUS will continue the development of communities of users, practitioners and developers working in the same vertical industries. The sharing of good practices and user cases in previous TAUS Forums has lead to the initiative for a cooperative platform for sharing language data. Following on the TAUS Summit II on October 4 and 5 in Belfast, this Brussels Forum will take this initiative further.

On the agenda for Brussels we will address practical examples of implementation of the sharing language data initiative. User scenarios will be examined and evaluated. Collaboration in industry domains like IT, medical, telecommunications and institutions will be discussed with a special focus on interoperability and improved customer support in local languages. What are the opportunities and challenges of 'open source translations' in industry-shared language resource repositories? How will the new business models in the localization industry evolve?

The TAUS Executive Forum in Brussels will bring together representatives from the IT, medical, government and translation technology development sectors. Participating in the TAUS Forums is limited to around 35 delegates. The Program Committee consists of:
* Gilles Martel, Canadian Government Translation Bureau
* Enrique Filloy, European Patent Office
* Erwin Pijck, Alcatel-Lucent
* Andrew Bredenkamp, acrolinx
* Pierre Blais, Multicorpora
* Patricia Paladini, Computer Associates
* Thomas Hecht, Siemens

Wat?TAUS Executive Forum
Sharing language data & Managed authoring
Waar?Brussel, België
Wanneer?29/11/2007 tot 30/11/2007
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