TAUS Summit 2

The second TAUS Summit is scheduled for October 4-5, 2007 in Belfast, Ireland. TAUS Summit II will take the discussions about the creation of a language data sharing co-operative to the next level. At the first TAUS Summit in Taos, New Mexico in March a concrete agenda was established for the development of a business plan which will be reviewed and discussed in Belfast.

Decision makers representing corporate and institutional users of translations, practitioners and technology companies meet in the TAUS Summits to define a new business model for cross-industry sharing of language resources. We welcome the executives, strategists and technology leaders from the TAUS member companies and beyond to join in this brainstorming. The Steering Committee for TAUS Summit II consists of:

* Aiman Copty, Oracle
* Arnaud Daix, Hewlett-Packard
* Enrique Filloy, European Patent Office
* Barrou Diallo, European Patent Office
* Francis Tsang, Adobe
* Fred Hollowood, Symantec
* Elisabeth Maier, CLS Communication
* Jessica Roland, EMC
* Will Burgett, Intel
* Olga Beregovaya, Autodesk
* Christian Redmann, UGS
* Sinclair Morgan, SDL
* Clove Lynch, Idiom
* Eric Blassin, Lionbridge
* Sonia Gordon, Molina Healthcare
* Karen Combe, PTC
* Daniel Gervais, Multicorpora
* Melissa Biggs, Sun Microsystems
* Gilles Martel, Translation Bureau Canadian Government
* Manuela Pena-Lopez, Cisco
* Kirti Vashee, Language Weaver
* Willem Stoeller, Welocalize

The industry is at a crossroad that is unique in its history. For the first time, the opportunity arises to truly advance the automation of translation processes. Translation memories and terminology lists have been amassed over the past fifteen years in a vastly fragmented market. The benefits from these linguistic data in the current form of isolated and distributed use are marginal compared to the potential power of industry-shared linguistic resources. New models are emerging. Market places are already being created for sharing of translation memories among suppliers and across corporate users within the same industry. Machine translation technology is trained and customized to produce useful translations real-time.

The vision is clear: technology combined with an open-industry approach to translation strategies are the basis for every company and government organization to meet the information requirements of its customers, users and citizens. But what about the business models? Is the current protective approach to translation memories sustainable? Should we fear monopolization of linguistic repositories? How do we leverage the power of the new generation MT systems on a vertical industry level? What is a fair basis for sharing of translation memories? How do we set up a mechanism for unifying terminology? How do we manage the IP issues? What are the contributions and benefits for the members in a co-operative? At the TAUS Summit II in Belfast, Ireland we will gather concrete answers and set the agenda for the industry moving forward towards a co-operative platform to harness the value of linguistic resources.

Wat?TAUS Summit 2
Harnessing the value of linguistic resources through an industry co-operative
Waar?Belfast, Ierland
Wanneer?04/10/2007 tot 05/10/2007
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