Open Secrets, Public Treasures

An evening on Dutch Literature in the Public Library of The Hague. Arie Jan Gelderblom, associate professor of Dutch literature, talks about The History of Dutch and Flemish Literature: 'Open Secrets, Public Treasures'. The renowned-Dutch author Marcel Möring will talk about his life and his writings and about the reception of Dutch literature in foreign countries. He will read from his work in English translation.

This event is organized on the occasion of the publication of A Literary History of the Low Countries. Written by a team of Dutch and Flemish subject specialists, it offers a comprehensive and authoritative account of the literature of the Dutch-speaking area from medieval period up to the present day.

Thursday, october 7th, 20:00 - 21:30
Admission: free
Address: Spui 68, The Hague
RSVP: aanmelden@taalunie.org

Wat?Open Secrets, Public Treasures
A Talk On Dutch Literature for Expats with Marcel Möring
Waar?Den Haag, Nederland
Meer informatie?Nederlandse Taalunie, Nederlands Letterenfonds, Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren, Bibliotheek Den Haag
Martijn Nicolaas