Language and Speech colloquium

speakers: Antske Fokken & Marieke van Erp (The Network Institute, VU Amsterdam), Antal van den Bosch (CLS, RU Nijmegen) topic: Repeating Experiments time: Wednesday 13 November, 10:45 – 12:00 10.45h Offspring from Reproduction Problems: What Replication Failure Teaches Us Antske Fokkens & Marieke van Erp (The Network Institute, VU Amsterdam) Repeating experiments is an important instrument in the scientific toolbox to validate previous work and build upon existing work. We present two concrete use cases involving key techniques in the NLP domain for which we show that reproducing results is still difficult. We show that the deviation that can be found in reproduction efforts leads to questions about how our results should be interpreted. Moreover, investigating these deviations provides new insights and a deeper understanding of the examined techniques. We identify five aspects that can influence the outcomes of experiments that are typically not addressed in research papers. Our use cases show that these aspects may change the answer to research questions leading us to conclude that more care should be taken in interpreting our results and more research involving systematic testing of methods is required in our field. Paper: http://aclweb.org/anthology//P/P13/P13-1166.pdf 11.30h Discussion: Reproducibility and the state of our field: A response to Fokkens et al. Antal van den Bosch (CLS, RU Nijmegen) Antal van den Bosch will lead an open discussion based on the theme of the talk. Attendees are invited to read the mentioned paper.

Wat?Language and Speech colloquium
Waar?Nijmegen , Nederland
Wanneer?13/11/2013 tot 13/11/2013
Meer informatie?Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Erasmusplein 1 (Erasmus building), room E 2.56, Nijmegen