Lexicografische conferentie minderheidstalen

On Friday 17 April 2015, the Fryske Akademy is organizing a one-day international conference that will be tackling the role of lexicography in standardisation and purification of lesser used languages. The Frisian language is one of those. As an emancipating language in the Netherlands, Frisian is acquiring new functions and penetrating into new societal domains, or into domains that are traditionally reserved for the dominant Dutch language. Therefore, it needs new terminology. Dictionaries may play an important role in reinforcing a language, in language codification and language standardisation. At the same time, making dictionaries triggers critical issues in the lexicographic practice of lesser used languages such as Frisian. For lexicographers, one of the most pregnant issues is the choice between a loan word and a purism, between an internationalism or a native word, or to put it sharply, between reality and artificiality. Lexicographers and lexicologists from Wales, Ireland, Belgium, Estonia, the Basque Country and the Netherlands will give lectures and discuss these issues at a one-day conference in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.

Wat?Lexicografische conferentie minderheidstalen
Waar?Leeuwarden, Nederland
Meer informatie?Fryske Akademy