TAUS Annual Conference 2015

The global translation industry is on the verge of expansion into new applications and new domains. We are entering the Convergence era: translation is becoming a utility embedded on every screen, in every device, in every app. The translation industry plays a crucial and strategic role in the ever more globalizing world of business and governance. To optimize the growth opportunities we need to work together as translation operators on the buy and supply side. The TAUS Annual Conference is a marketplace of ideas for innovation, automation and collaboration. In dynamic and interactive sessions delegates will share and pitch ideas. The common goal is to lay the ground for faster growth.

Wat?TAUS Annual Conference 2015
Waar?San Jose, Verenigde Staten
Wanneer?12/10/2015 tot 13/10/2015
Meer informatie?TAUS
+31 (0) 20 773 41 72
Oosteinde 9 1483 AB De Rijp The Netherlands