01. Funding for studying Dutch abroad

Article 5.f of the Dutch Language Union Treaty states that the Dutch Language Union (Nederlandse Taalunie) shall promote the tuition of the Dutch language, literature and cultural history abroad.

As a part of this, the Language Union supports Dutch studies abroad, with for instance, grants. Thanks to these grants the quality and professionalism of the higher education of Dutch as a foreign language is promoted abroad.

The grants are allocated according to an established system.

The Dutch Language Union Distinguishes:

A. Funding for Dutch in the border regions

Dutch is spoken in many parts of Belgium's French-speaking community, in northern France and in the German border region, and it is also offered as a subject at primary and secondary schools and in adult education. The Dutch Language Union supports such classes financially in cooperation with local authorities.
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B. Funding for Dutch at universities abroad

The Dutch Language Union offers financial support for institutions of higher education abroad that offer Dutch as a main or secondary subject.

B1. Support for departments of Dutch:

B2. Support for academic networks

B3. Research outside the Dutch language area

B4. New departments of Dutch

7 september 2017