10. Indonesia and South Africa

Indonesia: old ties

People can sometimes use Dutch to get by in unexpected places. One of those places is Indonesia, a former Dutch colony. Some older Indonesians still speak Dutch, but even the younger generation is interested in the language. University students, for example law students, are often required to study Dutch texts.

Many universities in Indonesia therefore offer courses in Dutch as a source or occupational language. Students and other interested parties can enroll in general Dutch courses at various educational centres, the most important of which is the Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta (Depok).

South Africa: a testing ground for multilingualism

South Africa is another country that has special ties with the Taalunie, which does more than support university programmes in Dutch language and literature there. In particular, the Taalunie works with South Africa on multilingualism projects. South Africa is very interested in the expertise of the Taalunie in this field, and the Taalunie in turn benefits from its cooperation with South Africa. The two countries are currently concentrating on human language technologies and on testing and certification.

6 september 2017