Scholarship fund for research


The scholarship fund has various objectives that mutually strengthen each other, namely:

  • to promote the development of young academics;
  • to enhance the quality of Dutch studies abroad;
  • to contribute towards the autonomy of staff and the content of Dutch studies abroad;
  • to promote accreditation of a department of Dutch by national authorities.

Target group

The scholarship fund is intended for scholars of Dutch and other academics, preferably attached to departments of Dutch at foreign universities. These academics conduct research relevant to the Dutch studies. The academics stay at a university within the Dutch-speaking region or outside this region if this is relevant for the research. In all cases the research should be carried out within the framework of a thesis or habilitation.

What does a scholarship entail?

For a study period in the Netherlands and/or Flanders, a scholarship will be awarded for a maximum of six months. This scholarship amounts to a maximum of € 1,000 per month including any travel expenses incurred within the framework of the research. The scholarship level for a study period outside the Dutch-speaking region, will be determined separately for each application.

The scholarship can also be used to pay for costs incurred while carrying out specific aspects of the research. The scholarship can not be used as a replacement for salary. The scholarship also cannot be used for publication of scientific articles.

A maximum of two scholarships can be awarded during the course of the research. On the second occasion, the scholarship is solely intended for the completion of the research (e.g. for writing the thesis or checking the literature consulted).

The selection of candidates

The selection of candidates is carried out by a committee of experts chaired by the General Secretary of the Dutch Language Union. The following documents are required for the assessment of applications:

  • A curriculum vitae including a list of relevant scientific publications;
  • Reasons for the application (in Dutch);
  • A thorough research plan in Dutch (at least several pages) including a time schedule. You are requested to indicate in the research plan in what stage the research is at the moment you apply;
  • A letter from the tutor/coach at the host university;
  • A letter of recommendation from his/her own university (tutor/dean).

Application procedure

The application can be made using an application form which, together with the documents listed above as appendices, must be received by the Dutch Language Union by 1 February at the latest. The application form (pdf document) can be downloaded here.

The selection committee will discuss the applications in April, and the candidates will receive a decision about their application in May. If the application is approved, 75% of the scholarship amount will be paid in advance.

Financial accountability and substantive reporting

At the end of the period for which the scholarship has been awarded, the Language Union must receive a substantive report and a financial statement about the scholarship. All financial records need to be included with this account.
Once the substantive report and financial statement have been approved, the remaining 25% of the scholarship will be paid.

16 oktober 2012